Become a Warrior

warrior.gifEvery book by a self-reliant, defiant, and successful person that I have read has taught me several life lessons that you can ignore only at your peril.

1. Dump the act of acting small.

It simply belittles you and your life, and it does the world no favors.

You are much more valuable to the world once you begin acting like the strong soul that you know you are.

2. Put yourself in a position where you stand out.

If you are highly intelligent and well-educated, it makes little sense to go into a profession in which everyone is just as smart as you. Look, if you really, really want to be a doctor or a lawyer, great … the world needs more people who love what they do. Otherwise, strike out on your own in a field in which your smarts and know-how are rare. You don’t want to find yourself fighting over the juiciest meat among a pack of the best lions, do you?

3. Forget everything they told you when you were a child.

Most of us were taught to get a great education and then get the best job possible. What a scam. For people who are talented, being an employee is really a high-risk endeavor. Employ yourself whenever possible.


May 9, 2007. life, Passion, personal, Personal Development.


  1. Jayson Nimble replied:

    I liked what you have to say. Of course thats what were going to be taught. The real kings of todays society are the rich and self-employed. If you anser to someone other than god then your a servant and have to rely on other people. Society will teach you to get a great education and to get a good job to make you the better servant. But to be on your own or to partner with someone. I really like the military where you can always advance based on your skills, experience, and work.

  2. Nightwalker replied:

    It is a truth you speak, power lies within in, never fight a demon with in as it always win. You need to embrace them. Knowoing ones own self make you truley imortal.

  3. nathan replied:

    it relly helps me

  4. Jiggyjayballa777 replied:

    I agree with the concept of the military, i mean forget all the f**kin politics,the military is about making that personal choice to improve the person inside of you. The people in power today, all those rich fucks who never seen a day of manuel labor; they don’t know what it means to be apart of something, belonging to a pack of warriors, but they use us as peons to fight for their wealth.

  5. Brecle replied:

    Shooting with guns is for losers, Fighting with fists is for Ultimate-Humans

  6. tera baap replied:

    tune mujhe chutiya samaj rakha hai
    teri maa mein lund gar dunga

  7. Chase replied:

    You should learn to fight with and without weapons because no one fights fair. Want to become a warrior get your body in tip top condition. I’d tell you more but when the worls ends we may meet. I’ll be the guy with two Machetes and a bag of tricks. Want to learn how to survive from me? If your in the NY/NJ area email me @

  8. RAGE replied:

    With all due respects to all whom stated their beliefs. I merge with all your views as well as your beliefs and then some. A warrior in today’s society must equip themselves with knowledge as well as body, mind and spirit. One focus one goal the rest is trivial. We are all one knowing survival.

  9. Johnk212 replied:

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