Michael Beckwith on the Materialistic Aspects of The Secret

michael-beckwith.jpg Michael Beckwith, one of the “teachers” in The Secret DVD, is incredibly charismatic – and intelligent.  BTW, I realized as I watched this video that he reminds me of a close family member in my life who is also ridiculously charismatic and intelligent.

At any rate, here is Michael’s reaction to the materialistic aspects of The Secret:

“People kind of gather around how to get things fast in their life. That is not the real message [of The Secret]. The real message is that as you begin to change internally, your life begins to reflect that change. And that does include prosperity, it does include health, it does include life relations, it does include ideal employment. It includes using the Law to stabilize your structures in Life. Health, your mental and emotional health, finances. You stabilize the structures so that ultimately you can be a beneficial presence on the planet.”

All I can say is that Michael’s words are wonderful, but be careful about becoming so identified with a guru that you stop thinking for yourself. Read more about this in my post, Be Your Own Guru.

View the CBS video here; I mentioned the video in an earlier post but didn’t comment on it. It’s fairly good … but take what you need and leave the rest.


March 24, 2007. life, Passion, personal, Personal Development.

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