mansion-7.jpg Every spiritual teacher tells us that gratitude is imperative to personal development.

Yet gratitude is a more difficult concept than many would admit. For example, I am grateful for my life, what I have, my loved ones’ lives, and everyday beauty (for example, I love watching the birds and squirrels in our backyard scampering and flitting about).

But this feeling of gratitude can pale in comparison to the many things that are not quite right in one’s life. And so the gratitude exercise can sometimes be a little difficult.

So when I feel this way, I force myself to take in precisely what I have. And everytime I do this … I realize I have so much.

I don’t want to get too off-topic here, but as a professional with a nice car, I have sometimes been treated to forms of abuse — being cut off, yelled at — by people who I believe see me as a rich snob. Actually, I bought the (stereotypical rich person’s) car used — and it probably has a year or three before it is retired to a mechanic. But to some people, my life seems so much different than their own because I drive an “expensive” car.

Please. I – like all of us — have a myriad of problems and difficulties. Moreover, I am on a personal development journey that is requiring all of me to stay on course.

So I realized that the way I look to some people — rich and carefree — is the way the richest and most famous people seem to me.

And then I got it.

We all have our own experiences to live out, whether in a beatdown apartment or a grand mansion — but we’ll always still be the same soul and experience the same life hurts and difficulties.

So yes, Richard Branson’s life looks grand to me. But to him, I am sure it feels just as ordinary and problem-ridden as any other life.

So the key is to just enjoy whatever level we are at. In terms of Earth’s population, I probably have a better life than 99% of people. So to grump and groan seems a bit ridiculous. Sure, I always strive to make life better but the fact is … life is pretty good.

And I want to remember that as my life, wealth, and abundance grows. Actually … only if I appreciate that will my abundance grow.


March 21, 2007. life, Money, personal, Personal Development.


  1. la5226 replied:

    Beautiful attitude…gratitude:-)

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  6. Mr. Besilly replied:

    Very well said. I am grateful that we have the ability living in this modern age to get our message out to so many people in an instant. I am grateful that you took time to share your personal experience on gratitude.


  7. marcynala replied:

    Thank you, BeSilly. I hope this helped you in some way!

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