One of My Favorite Quotes on Being Unique

thinking-2.jpg  One of the greatest assets any person can secure is a reputation for eccentricity. If you have a reputation of this kind you can do a lot of things … Many an act which, if performed by an ordinary person, would arouse indignation, animosity and antagonism can be performed by a person with a reputation for eccentricity with no other result that that of exciting mirth …

E.W. Scripps


March 18, 2007. life, personal, Personal Development, Work.


  1. IN replied:

    My greatest compliment came from my daughters. When asked to describe their parent, they said ” Mum is bizarre, but in a good way. She is not perfect, but she is perfect for us.”
    I always saw that as an acceptance of themselves , as well. They too have taken the eccentric as their legacy. I find that that allows them to be accepting of the differences in others, without the urge to copy.

  2. Thomas dui replied:

    fkn shit yu fagget. learn to write some real stuff .please

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