Steve Olson’s Response to Criticism of Oprah and The Secret

the-secret-wax-seal.jpg  For those of you interested in the recent critiques on Oprah’s recommendation of The Secret, please read this thoughtful and dead-on response from Steve Olson.

I am more than thrilled that an intelligent person shot back with a very smart response. I am not linking to the infamous criticisms because they are linked to in the article that I recommend; more importantly, I prefer not to link to vitriol.

Happy reading and contemplating!


March 13, 2007. life, Passion, personal, Personal Development, Work.


  1. Miriguy replied:

    Thanks for sharing the link. But why does he hate Oprah so much.

  2. MJ replied:

    “The Secret” is NONSENSE. The only thing it accomplishes is the promotion of narcissism, greed and MORE DEBT for the fools who believe they will get what they want simply by “attracting” it. Oprah ought to be ashamed of herself.

  3. Katherine Wertheim replied:

    Thank you for saying that The Secret is nonsense. Someone has to. If you google the words “The Secret is nonsense” you only get about four places that people say it. I just blogged about this now: and I think that The Secret is just a way to part people from their money and enrich the producers of it. I wish more people would say this: thank you for doing so.

  4. vuyo33 replied:

    I wud choose the world to watch “the secrete” than television news,hollywood,drama or comercials which by the way are applying “the secrete” against the masses!!!

  5. Angelina replied:

    The Secret works… it or not.

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