On Abundance

red-flowers.jpg Over at ArvindDevalia.com, Arvind has a helpful post titled Abundance, Abundance, Abundance.

He gives us nine ways to experience more abundance in our lives.

Here are three:

1. Be generous, without being wasteful. Always remember that what goes around comes around. Share the abundance already in your life and it will be reflected back to you by the people around you …

2. Let go of any habits of poverty. Start giving away your loose change to charities and people in need. Start cultivating being prosperous. Stop yourself from thinking thoughts such as “I cannot afford that.”

Let’s stop here for a moment. I would personally change this advice to focus on the positive: “Move towards habits of wealth. Start giving away extra money to those you feel deserve it. Cultivate prosperity. Start believing, ‘I can afford that.'”

In other words, I would phrase it in terms of what one wants to move toward rather than away from — but Arvin has the correct general idea.

Also, the whole idea of giving loose change feels … cheap. Believe you can afford to tithe and give away more. I use my loose change for the meter … but I give bills.

O.K., on to his third tip:

3. Expect the best from everything and everyone. Pessimistic people who are always moaning keep having negative experiences and bad luck. That is because what you focus on most is what you attract – so focus only on goodness from now on. Think of the things you love and desire.

Read the full post here.


March 9, 2007. life, Money, personal, Personal Development.

One Comment

  1. Arvind Devalia replied:

    Thank you for the reframing!

    “Move towards habits of wealth” is clearly far more positive and empowering than “Let go of any habits of poverty”

    Yes – give away bills rather than coins.

    By the way, it is Arvind and not Arvin.

    And the URL is http://www.arvinddevalia.com

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