Creating Your Life’s Vision Statement

positive-emotions-3.jpg  Recently, I posted about a wonderful YouTube video that shows off the benefits of creating a vision statement for your life on your computer.

Last week I learned that I can easily create a personal vision statement on my computer via Microsoft’s Photo Story 3 (it is a free download for anyone with Windows XP). The editing of the video is incredibly easy; I did have my slightly more tech-savvy S.O. help me with some issues such as cropping hard-to-lose black borders on my photos … but other than that the experience was amazingly easy.

I spent half of a weekend day on this … and it was well worth the time.

I now have my (first draft of) my personal Vision Statement.

Final step: deciding on the music. I have narrowed it down to two songs.

I get excited every time I watch it with either song.


Be sure to find great photos to use, and spend some time picking just the right music. You want something upbeat and inspiring. For example, I rejected some music because even though the beat was up-tempo, the underlying message was not.

Don’t dwell on one photo or graphic for too long. Keep it moving. My longest graphic (other than the last shot) is five seconds. Most are 2-3 seconds.

Whatever images and music you choose, make sure the entire show is something you’ll be psyched to watch every morning and every night before turning in. This is powerful stuff!


March 5, 2007. life, Passion, personal, Personal Development, Work.

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