Michael Beckwith Interview on CBS News

michael-beckwith.jpg Michael Beckwith, one of the “teachers” on The Secret film, was recently interviewed on CBS News about the Secret.

You can watch the clip here.


March 4, 2007. life, personal, Personal Development.


  1. Boz replied:

    “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world yet lose his own soul?” ~ Jesus

    May God Almighty make alive your dead soul Michael Beckwith and grant you the repentance and faith towards Jesus Christ that you so desperately need so that you will not perish in your sins. You and these other teachers of “The Secret” are blind and God’s wrath is upon you.

    A day is coming when Jesus will expose every “secret” of your heart and you will be found guilty and cast into the Lake of Fire that is not quenched for all eternity.

    May you come to see how terrifying it is to fall into the hands of the Living God so that you will learn true wisdom and see Jesus Christ as the precious gift that He really is.

    Forget about how good you can make this life and learn to focus on where you are going to spend your eternity when you die.

  2. Craig replied:

    I think BOZ has a serious problem. Being so religious and yet he belives that this puts him in a position to judge others. Is Boz so all powerfull to belive that he has the right to judge? According to the bible, is God not the only One who has the right to judge?

  3. bob replied:

    Boz is absolutely right. He is not judging – he is expressing an opinion that Michael repent so he won’t be judged by God. Michael and the so-called Secret are appealing to the greed that is awakened in people when their avarice is fired up, no matter how cool and with what platitudes and false doctrine it is presented. He (Michael) needs to apply his gifts by immersing himself in Jesus’ sermon on the mount, keeping his feet in the joy of a present reality of Jesus message of eternal life (which starts when we begin the proces of being reborn), not New Age, New Thought fantasy for a gullible public wanting more and more materialism, and wanting it now.

  4. Dean Overlin replied:

    All I see here is anger and resentment. I have seen war, and this kind of talk brings violence over time. *You all believe in the same thing, and some of you are willing to hurt others mentally or physically just to prove your right. You speak of Jesus, God, and violence as if they are one. You may not use the word Violence, but you all use the bible as a veil over it. You all read scriptures and say “Love thy Enemy.”, but here you are speaking so negatively with such anger towards this man. Religion makes me sick. With every Era that human beings becomes more intelligence you change your meaning of god, “Oh well we meant this by the Word of God.” In One hundred years what will you change the meaning of god to? What about two hundred years? or a thousand years? You are all Crusaders in the end, you will eventually resort to violence, man always does. When all else fails, shed some blood, right! As long as it’s in the name of (God/Allah*) You can contact me via musiqfreedom@gmail.com

  5. Phoenix replied:

    Have you ever had a moment in time where you learned something new, where you were certain of a truth and then realized you’d been living life from a limited perception? We see it in children all the time. They try to fit the world into little boxes of what they have already experienced in their short lives, so the connections they make can be miles from the mark. Is it possible that we, as adults, are trying to fit the infinite into a box as well? Is it possible that God, whatever you perceive God to be, is beyond our limited capacity of understanding? In order to explain what “beauty” is, we have to bring it through our personal filter, find a way that something resonates with our spirit as “beautiful”. Yet there are infinte ways to express “beauty”.

    Rev. Michael is a light in this world, showing those who are ready, those whose purpose falls along his path, how to connect with the Divine within themselves. He is beautiful, when seen through the eyes of someone holding the love of God in their heart.

    It is not about the necklace, and he clearly states that. It is about our ability to create things in our lives by shifting our perception and surrendering our lives to be guided by God.

    If you allow yourself, you can feel the love and guidance surrounding you, carrying you through this life. Life both in time and eternity are blessed and beautiful, and you will know this if you allow it to be your truth as well.

    Peace & Blessings,


  6. Salman replied:

    I think its about time we put our diferences aside, our own perception of God, our interpretations of our holy scriptures and come down to the basics. and that is: ARE WE LOVING, CARING, COMPASSIONATE HUMAN BEINGS? can we accept every one and any one regardless of faith or nationality? What micheal is trying to do is create that sense of love and compassion in people. And having money is not bad. Having money and using it for wrong is bad. If today the worlds money were in the right hands, we would have had a better world. We should ask God for abundance and prosperity and also ask HIM for the wisdom to use it wisely.. I live in Paksitan and trust me, i know what iam talking about… Good job, Micheal… cheers…

  7. Michael S replied:

    I have recently been introduced to Michael Beckworth through “The Secret”. While I have issue with the some of the materialistic aspects of the book… Michael Beckwith shines through with a message of love, hope, faith & harmony that makes me want to investigate him further. As a Christian, I search for the “Red Herring” to deem this kind of speech blasphemy… but I don’t see it. It reinforces the teachings of Christ. He accomplishes something in my life few others have… He helps me in my spiritual journey.

  8. Larry Carpenter replied:

    Dear Dr. Beckwith
    I’ve watched you on the secret and Mis Oprah W.show and I studied the secrets and I watch the video time and time again but my life seems to be getting worse instead of good so how do I apply the secret to better my life.
    It seems all of your colleagues just want to sale there products instead of answering the question how do I better my life by using the secret,I heard you talk about meditating so my question is how do you meditating how do you work the secrets I did all the things that the book and the video talked about so what else do I need to do.
    sincerely, wants a abundance life.
    Larry C.if

  9. mel replied:


    The abundancy of life that you are seeking begins when we recognize that we are creations – and as such, it is necessary to locate and acknowledge our creator — and it isn’t ourselves. We as humans have an immense capacity to want to be in control and to control our circumstances, etc. etc., when in reality our Creator, who created us uniquely, distinctly, lovingly and with a purpose, wants us to look to Him to seek our purpose. He so wants to share His plan for us with us, but He can’t do that as long as we refuse to acknowledge Him, because He also gave us “free will” – the ability to reject Him if we so desire. He wants to GIVE us the gift of eternal life with Him and even the faith to believe in Him – Ephesians 8: 9-11; It isn’t something that’s available to us as a reward for our “work” It’s His gift to give — our responsibility is to accept His gift. If you really want to change your life, find a modern day translation of the BIBLE and begin reading in the book of John — When you have disovered and accepted a personal relationship (fallen in love) with the person Jesus Christ – not become involved in a “religion” — you will begin your most amazing journey to be all that you were created to be.

  10. kioki replied:

    Michael S
    thank you my brother i second dat opinion.. & also thank you mel the gospel of john is expressing jesus teachings & helping me remain emersed in an abundance of love.
    thank you all for ure contributions.
    to GOD be all the glory forever.

  11. Ron replied:

    Micheal basically teaches that we need to be aware of “oneness” with God to live the life we want to live now. To love others now. He doesnt not believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to God and believes there are other ways to God the Father. Jesus plainly states that there is no other way to the Father John ch 14. Micheal is basically a “feel good” teacher but is very confusing in many of his teachings with ords even though he uses biblical scriptures in His teaching. Most New-Thought teaches do use it but they also seem to DISREGARD THE STANDARD OF JESUS CHRIST. well, Jesus says in Matt 28 ALL POWER HAS BEEN GIVEN UNTO IN HEAVEN AND IN EARTH. this is after His death burial and resurrection as told by the bible. Micheal does not believe the Christ is the only way to the Father God. the question is . . DO YOU BELIEVE IT?

  12. vuyo33 replied:

    Church must change !!!!

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