A News Site that Seeks to Motivate

joy1.jpg A few days ago, I tried to find a few positive news stories to post. As I related in the post, it was incredibly hard to find even five positive news stories: I made the mistake of sticking to traditional media outlets.

Well, a new site has started that is focused on bringing us solely positive news.

Newsiasm.com describes itself as:

a news network inspired by the positive, interesting and newsworthy events happening everywhere, everyday, and by the conviction that people are inherently good … I created Newsiasm to offer an alternative to mainstream media. Increasingly, we hear that people no longer regularly watch, read or listen to the news because it is “too negative” and creates a feeling hopelessness. Our mission is to motivate people to reclaim their hope and optimism for the world through positive and constructive news, information and stories.

We accomplish this goal by combining news stories from traditional media sources with those submitted by you, the reader … In addition to saying something, we offer you the opportunity to do something by suggesting ways to affect change.

This is a worthy mission. Check it out here.

Another such site — also very good — is the Good News Network. You can visit the site here.


February 22, 2007. life, personal, Personal Development.


  1. samantha replied:

    Newsiasm rocks.

  2. Clay replied:

    Newsiam is a cool idea. I like the discussion component.

    For good journalism that’s generally solution-oriented and positive, rather than sensational, also check out the Pulitzer-winning Christian Science Monitor (www.csmonitor.com). Venerable (almost 100 years old) and decidedly outside the mainstream.

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