Personal Development Myths and Frauds

conman.gif Craig Harper has an insightful (and somewhat humorous) post about personal development fraud. In part two of the article, he points out some of the myths propagated by personal development gurus.

He has come up with seven, but I’ll list my favorite three. The first myth/fraud:

You deserve it!

No you don’t!
You earn it.
You create it.Whether or not we achieve our goals or turn our dreams into reality has got nothing to do with what we deserve and everything to do with what we create.

And personal development fraud #2:

Motivation is the key.

No it’s not.
If motivation is the key, we’re all doomed….
Because most of us fluctuate between ‘pumped’ and…”I can’t be bothered” on a regular basis … Sometimes success is more about some very un-cool things like discipline, self-control, resilience, work ethic and determination.

Finally, personal development fraud #6:

Always go with your gut.
What if your gut is wrong?
If you want your life to be a catastrophe, live your life by this rule.

You should definitely check out this post (scroll past the welcome message to see the post) and his site.

It is refreshing to hear some of the personal development falsehoods criticized openly by someone in the field.

I’m a big believer in personal development, but not in perpetual fantasizing and mushy, wishful thinking.


February 21, 2007. life, Passion, personal, Personal Development.

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