Michael Beckwith

michael-beckwith.jpg A number of people have found my site by searching for Michael Beckwith’s quote, “Mediocrity always attacks excellence.”

As I said previously on this blog, that is a great quote.

But I think people really want to know what Michael Beckwith is about; people are drawn to him and are seeking to learn more about him.

I don’t know much about Michael, so I perused his church’s website (www.Agapelive.com).

From his website’s FAQ section:


Is Agape a church, and do its members follow a mainstream religious teaching based on scripture?


Agape’s teachings embrace a Reality the world’s scriptures and sacred texts endeavor to describe, even as they acknowledge the impossibility of such a task. Some call it God, Great Spirit, Hashem, or Allah, while others simply prefer to leave it nameless. Agape teaches that this Spirit is the Source of our life, that we are made in its image and likeness, which makes us co-creative participants in the three-dimensional world in which we live.Through Agape’s teaching of the New Thought-Ancient Wisdom tradition of spirituality, individuals are taught the universal principles, cosmic laws, meditation, prayer and visioning techniques that have been practiced by spiritual seekers for thousands of years, teachings which to this very day are practical in meeting humanity’s challenges of 21st century living. Agape’s universal truth teachings point the way to how an individual may cultivate their own unique relationship with the Ineffable, live their life from a place of conscious connection with the already enlightened essential Self, and be of authentic service to the planet.

Feel free to check out his website, and I will post more on Michael and other “teachers” of The Secret in the future.


February 21, 2007. life, personal, Personal Development.

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