Styles of Blogging

writing-on-a-laptop.jpg So I’ve been thinking tonight about blogging.

Blogs come in all kinds of flavors, but for my purposes I have broken personal development (P.D.) oriented blogs into three types: (1) those in which the author talks about how their life is going and how they want their life to be better; (2) those that write short articles and/or blog about current events or other blogs; and (3) those that focus on the author and his/her take on personal development (the guru model) in medium-to-long posts.

So far I have mostly relied on the second model. I really stay away from complaining and whining about my life, so I would probably be as likely to use the first model as to write a tell-all book about all my secrets. The third model is more difficult: it requires the acknowledgment that although building content will be slow, the audience will eventually come if you write quality material. The second model works for quickly generating content and getting the word out about great P.D. articles available elsewhere, which I think is important.

However, now that I’ve been doing this for a while (O.K., in earnest? … Less than a week) my conclusion is that it is best to blend models #2 and #3.

A library of long articles about my P.D. thoughts and philosophies is a great aspiration, but that content will be built up slowly. In the meantime, I also think it is important to not simply be self-referential (guru-style) but also to help others find some great P.D. articles and tools elsewhere online.

On that note, I am off to think deep thoughts – very deep thoughts, of course.


February 21, 2007. life, Passion, personal, Personal Development, Work.

One Comment

  1. Aaron replied:

    Being a firm #3 person, I salute your efforts at breaking down the P.D. slice of the blogosphere into categories that are more easily digested based on the reader’s needs! 🙂

    – Aaron

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