How to Make Money: Give

hundred-dollar-bills.jpghundred-dollar-bills.jpgI have learned, from teachers and from life, that the more you give the more you receive. This includes money.

It sounds ridiculous, right?

The first time I heard it I decided to give it a try. It was years ago, so I cannot remember the exact amount of how much I gave, but almost immediately much more unexpected money began to show up.

Since then, it has worked without fail everytime.

And then I forget to give for a while as I get busy. Oh, I always give to homeless people … much more money than my friends think I should.

But this is not giving back to what sustains me.

And I think that is one of the spiritual laws: give back to what sustains you.

Last week I realized that I’ve been reading one site a lot in the last few months; it is a site on personal development. Now, the owner of this site (a single individual) doesn’t need my money. However, he has always asked for donations and I had previously thought, “He has enough money! Why should I give my hard-earned dollars to him?”

And then I realized, in gratitude, that the value this man’s site had given me over the past several months was worth perhaps hundreds or thousands of dollars. So, I gave him some money, but I only donated a small amount.

Nevertheless, literally the same day I found a month-old letter (it actually looked like junk mail so I hadn’t opened it) from one of my mutual funds saying that they’d been trying to send me a check and needed my signature to authorize re-issuing the check. The check was approximately 7X what my donation was.

This has always worked for me, everytime … no exceptions. Of course, only give within your means — but then see what happens.


February 19, 2007. Money, personal, Personal Development.


  1. Dio replied:

    No, It doesn’t sounds ridiculous to me. You are right here. Nicely said.

  2. marcynala replied:

    Thanks, Dio.

  3. Grant replied:

    I have just written a post, “Do you give money to get money?” Would appreciate your thoughts on it.


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