Nine Life Lessons You’ll Learn in a NightClub

cancun-nightclub-crowd.jpgFrom, a brilliant post on what you can take from the club into life.

In brief (read the post for the full exposition):

1. Appearances can be deceiving (“Assumption is no substitute for knowledge.”)

2. Money doesn’t buy happiness.

3. Looks do matter (“It’s the world we live in and it’s magnified five, maybe 10 times over under the guise of nightlife.”)

4. Confidence is king (“Confidence is one of those intangibles that’s impossible to qualify, yet assumes a powerful presence.”)

5. Accept that hierarchy is a constant.

6. Treat everyone with respect.

7. Manage your expectations (in other words, we all fail sometimes).

8. Recognize the importance of networking.

9. Know who to trust.

Much more here.


February 18, 2007. life, personal, Personal Development.

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