On Anna Nicole Smith, Your Life, and What You are Here to Manifest

anna-nicole.jpgI know many of you don’t care about the death of Anna Nicole Smith – but I do. I did not know her personally, but to me she was a human being — yet more than the common human being.

All of the people that I know personally (with a handful of exceptions) live life with a certain degree of resignation and acceptance of the purported struggle of life.

Of course, none of us started out this way. While our childhood dreams of being the first female President of the U.S. of A. were tolerated, people never really believed them. They patted our heads and said, “yes, yes, you darling creature!” We thought they believed us.

As we got older, we realized that to tell that story to anyone after the age of ten or so was to risk ridicule and doubt.

I had a dream growing up – to my mind, not a very crazy one – of attending one of the top two Ivy League Schools. I knew that I would do it, and so everyone’s doubts (or just “well-meaning” advice to go to a top Southern school) were lost on me. I had my plan, and I had no doubts.

And it happened. Not exactly as I predicted, but pretty close (I did attend these two schools, but in an order that I had not planned).

Lately, I have been pursuing a different (less traditional) path — one that includes living outside of the box. More on that in a future post.

Back to Anna Nicole. She was someone who dared to live wildly outside the box. She escaped her roots, refused to settle for less than she was, and became a dazzling star (albeit with beauty as her talent) because she knew she was a star. That is why I am saddened by her death. It seems in many cases that to live outside of the world’s boundaries, people feel/become compelled to live at the very edge because the outside world shuns or mocks them. It is – we hear – an isolating existence. Some become recluses; some become weirdos (I won’t name names); others die young and we respect them in all their beauty and youth.

Do you think you are great? If not, settle for the cubicle or the equivalent.

But if you sincerely believe in your greatness, stop living on auto-pilot and manifest what you are uniquely here to manifest.


February 16, 2007. life, Passion, personal, Personal Development, Work.

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  1. Faith replied:

    According to the State Laws of Texas, Anna’s mother should at the very least be under investigation by CPS and Law Enforcement for her claimed criminal acts against Anna as a child. See definitions listed below for Child Abuse. Because her mother was a police officer, her awareness of the law makes this even worse, in my opinion. Further, those around Anna had to know something was going on, they to can be prosecuted for the failure to protect Anna from her mother.

    We are all talking about HKS. Let’s talk about the criminal acts of her mother. These acts caused great emotional harm that had a deadly cause and effect to Anna. In a sense, her mother killed her, it just took 39 years to accomplish her goal.






    § 261.001. DEFINITIONS. In this chapter:
    (1) “Abuse” includes the following acts or omissions
    by a person:
    (A) mental or emotional injury to a child that
    results in an observable and material impairment in the child’s
    growth, development, or psychological functioning;
    (B) causing or permitting the child to be in a
    situation in which the child sustains a mental or emotional injury
    that results in an observable and material impairment in the
    child’s growth, development, or psychological functioning;
    (C) physical injury that results in substantial
    harm to the child, or the genuine threat of substantial harm from
    physical injury to the child, including an injury that is at
    variance with the history or explanation given and excluding an
    accident or reasonable discipline by a parent, guardian, or
    managing or possessory conservator that does not expose the child
    to a substantial risk of harm;
    (D) failure to make a reasonable effort to
    prevent an action by another person that results in physical injury
    that results in substantial harm to the child;

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