Who Prospers?

Salon recently ran an article about the website Prosper.com, a site that allows individuals to lend money to strangers. The article explains:

“Prosper is a marketplace brimming with woe. In this respect it is not so different from a dating site, except that on Prosper people are looking for money, which is immeasurably more useful, and often harder to come by, than love. Love will sometimes find you in the dark when you least expect it, and change your life. This almost never happens with money. If you aren’t born with it, there are really only two legitimate ways to get it: You work for it, trading your time and effort, or you borrow it, putting on the line your reputation, assets and future income. For vast numbers of Americans today, the first option simply isn’t working out, and the second choice — borrowing — has become a way of life. (emphasis added)

As the Salon article pointed out, many Americans simply do not earn enough even enough to get by.

While many people carry on their lives as if this is somehow normal or inevitable, a recent talk I had with a homeless man provides a dead-on metaphor. This particular gentleman is well-spoken and friendly, but he is also homeless and is therefore forced to spend his days asking for money outside of a local drugstore (enough to eat and hopefully get a cheap room for the night). I chatted with him during several trips to the drugstore before deciding to have a real conversation. I asked him about his situation, how he’d ended up homeless, and whether he had any family to help him out. He said that, yes, several family members back home in Indiana had begged him to come home and had offered to send him a bus ticket. I asked him why he did not go home to Indiana. “Because,” he answered, “things haven’t gotten bad enough yet.”

When you don’t have a roof over your head or money to pay the bills without resorting to debt, things are certainly bad enough.

This is a drastic example of your prosperity consciousness manifesting in your life. For this man, having a roof over his head that he paid for was “too much” to envision — at least for now. For many, having a home/apt., food to eat, decent clothes and a bit of spending money is enough.

For those with an abundance of prosperity consciousness, life is about freedom and having enough to have the great home/clothes/education, etc. while also having enough money to allow for freedom to travel, write, spend time with family, or do whatever makes you happy. Life is meant to be abundant.


January 27, 2007. life, personal, Personal Development.

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